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Wednesday September 14: be a part of Festival from wherever you are in the world.

Sep 11, 2016 @ 5:00am

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Back for a second year!

We've curated a selection of international short films that are playing at Festival. You don't have to be in Toronto to see it – just log in and be a part of Festival from wherever you are in the world. Tickets will only be available from SEPTEMBER 9 – 13 (midnight EST). There are only 500 SLOTS, so get them while you can.

Your 24-hour viewing window will start on SEPTEMBER 14 (10am EST).

ANDY GOES IN, Dir. Josh Polon In this riveting documentary by Josh Polon, a very unconventional activist conducts an undercover mission to expose the shocking culture of abuse at a factory farm.

IMITATIONS, Dir. Fabian Velasco, Milos Mitrov A devoted superfan of the biggest pop star in the world gets plastic surgery to look exactly like his hero — but the botched operation turns his dream into a gruesome nightmare in this campy satire of celebrity obsession.

NOTHING ABOUT MOCCASINS, Dir. Eden Mallina Awashish When her grandmother refuses to allow her to shoot a film about moccasins, the director playfully reconstructs the idea of cultural loss and creates a record of the resolve to protect Atikamekw tradition.

SMALL FRY, Dir. Eva Michon A car ride gets bumpier for an American teenager trying to bond with her dad while visiting him in Poland. This consistently surprising two-hander makes the most of a breakout turn by Lucia Santina Ribisi and a hard-rocking musical interlude.

A NEW HOME, Dir. Ziga Virc This home is so new that no one is even in the building yet. So when a young woman convinces the leasing agent to let her move in early, she isn’t expecting to cross paths with anyone. Is she in danger, or is it her own paranoia that she should be afraid of?

SAMEDI CINEMA, Dir. Mamadou Dia In northern Senegal, a couple of resourceful young cinephiles hatch a plan to raise the cash for a couple of movie tickets before the local cinema closes. The two leads in this heartwarming tale about the bonds of friendship are a sheer delight.

5 FILMS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, Dir. Peter Huang The characters in Peter Huang’s razor-sharp satire are as dependent as the rest of us on the devices that are supposed to make us smarter, better, and faster. But, as this hilarious series of scenarios reveals, all that tech may be making us the exact opposite of what we’ve been promised.

ROMANTIK, Dir. Mateusz Rakowicz Stanislav has everything planned out perfectly. He begins by blindfolding his beloved Zosia for a mysterious and romantic journey to Paris. But Stanislav has forgotten about Murphy’s Law, and soon the dream weekend becomes a nightmare. Can love survive?

Runtime: 88 minutes